Unleash the potential of web meeting and web collaboration over video

Flexible and well-fitted to all your needs

  • Instant meetings
    Click on the image to view the WorkSpace3D video.

    Click on the image to view the WorkSpace3D video.

  • Hold unlimited meetings for one flat fee
  • Collaborate with remote colleagues
  • Presence & ad-hoc meetings
  • Instant Video conference
  • Unlimited host accounts: Give company-wide access to meeting organization.
  • Unlimited audios and videos quality
  • Virtual tour: Have your meetings in 3D inside real sets or directly inside your own office.
  • Reduce travel expenses by 90%

10 Reasons to choose WorkSpace3D

  1. Best HD audio & video quality
    Tixeo is the 1st video conferencing pure player to make the most of the best video codec: VP8 / Google WebM.
  2. Rich collaboration features
    Share anything: application, slides, files, web pages...
  3. Easy to use
    User-friendly interface. Tixeo is the 1st company to enable on-demand 3D online meetings.
  4. Innovative Quality Of Service
    Because the Internet is not always reliable, we develop smarter QoS strategies.
  5. From your desktop or meeting room
    Use a webcam / headset bundle or HD motorized camera with microphone arrays.
  6. SaaS or On-Premise
    You can directly subscribe to our hosted services, as well as setting up an appliance within your network.
  7. Unlimited users or hosts
    No limit in the amount of people that can use or host meetings.
  8. Enterprise-class support
    Fast and high quality support directly done by the Research & Development team. No outsourced support.
  9. Easy deployment
    One click to meet. Firewall and proxy friendly.
  10. Safe & Secured meetings
    HTTPS tunneling and AES encryption to ensure the highest confidentiality during your meetings.

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