filelocker1Truly secure cloud collaboration for your entire organization.

FileLocker makes collaboration work: Groupware doesn't have to be limited to a specific department or identified as a solution to improve the productivity of individuals in unique roles. Collaboration in the secure cloud can be used by an entire organization and is inexpensive to deploy. Deployment on a physical or virtual machine can allow thousands of employees to access the same data, securely, with the same collaboration software.

Today's businesses must work worldwide: Employees across departments, around the world, need not swap multiple versions of files to complete a presentation or process flow – or even use email to work together on projects in real-time. Reduce the time to communicate an idea and complete a project by making FileLocker available to your entire organization.

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Document Collaborationfilelocker6

Simple and secure document collaboration: FileLocker was built with secure document collaboration at the core of its functionality. Users can work together on projects by syncing or manually uploading documents, sharing secure links to files, accessing files anywhere in the world, securely editing and previewing files inside FileLocker, and commenting on files.

  • Sync with a desktop folder
  • Share files and folders
  • Send secure links
  • Preview documents in nearly any file format
  • Edit documents in the cloud

Centralized administrative management: All of these features can be regulated on a user by user basis by an administrator. These actions can also be tracked by a manager or team leader with the group notifications tool.

Open source plug-ins: Plug-ins are available to view all MS Office documents, PDFs, CAD files, and image files.

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Eliminate File Sharing Via Email

filelocker5Securely send encrypted files: Many employees and teams need to share large files across offices or even within the same offices. This is often not permitted by email services. FileLocker replaces single-use file sharing systems or free and unsecure file sharing solutions by allowing users to create secure permalinks to individual files and folders.

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FileLocker Overview

Filelocker overviewReview FileLocker's collaboration and administrative features in this video. See how FileLocker will preview, share, edit, and add collaborators to your files and folders.




Desktop Sync

Deskop SyncWatch FileLocker sync multiple folders and password protect folders. FileLocker's desktop sync tool duplicates files and folders in the cloud, ensuring that file and folder structure remain identical to that on your desktop.




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