data safeYour business data could be your most valuable asset.  Protecting that data is essential to your businesses continuity.

Zelena Inc. can help you ensure that your data is protected by implementing solutions for:

  • Offsite and online data backup
  • Advanced protection for your file server and desktops against viruses, trojans and malware
  • Email backup and virus protection

Our backup solutions can be customized for your business.  Whether you need a simple, internet based solution that backs up one or two desktops or a complex, onsite and offsite solution that guarantees the lowest level of downtime, we can tailor a solution for you.

We utilize AVG Antivirus & Security Software and Cloud Data Backup solutions to protect your files.

AVG’s CloudCare management features, ensure you can easily and efficiently protect your business against cyber threats without disruption or system slowdown.

Tough on Threats

  • Blocks poisoned web pages in real time – no delays or missed infections
  • Detects and removes malware – no infection-induced downtime
  • Certifies emails as free of infection – give your customers confidence
  • Prevents suspicious files from being opened – no more accidental infections
  • Automatically quarantines or removes infections – infections can’t spread across the network

Easy on You

  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Centralized installation and configuration with full statistical reporting
  • Flags suspect search results pages
  • Free support, program upgrades and signature updates for full license durations
  • Auto-scheduled scanning and updating


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