Impactful Business Cards – Old And New Style

Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. That certainly seems to be the case with business cards. While the colors and styling have changed to keep […]

How To Choose The Right Browser

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1.2 Million Passwords Stolen by Russian Hackers

The latest in a long list of recent security breaches should have people alarmed, but as of now, there is no need to panic. The data that was stolen by […]

Facebook’s Profits Jumped – Can Yours?

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How To Create Great Facebook Page Content

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Is Open Source Right For Your Company?

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Cloud Backup

What to choose between Backup and Box2?

The words ‘cloud storage’ and ‘backup’ have become part of the urban lexicon. There are thrown around but not many people know that they are different species. Diskmiss provides you […]

Diskmiss Box2 will replace Dropbox

Do you Diskmiss all your photos?

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Lost my Data

The risks of data loss

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Duplicate Could Data Backup

Why You Should Backup And Replicate Your Cloud Data

Data can be everything to a company or an individual. Financial records, company records, photographs, important documents and files, even music can all be lost in the blink of an […]